A Homeless at Heart initiative is a wonderful way to get groups of students involved with bringing Valentine Day blessings to the homeless. Students can help raise money to buy goods for the Valentine boxes, can collect and/or decorate shoeboxes to hold the goods and cards, can collect contents for the boxes and can make handwritten Valentine cards for the boxes.

Some efforts are better suited for certain ages than others. Elementary and preschool students love to decorate boxes and make cards. Middle school students often like to collect contents and use these with donated boxes to complete the boxes. High school students often like to raise money to buy goods and then finish the boxes.

For all ages, the most fun is delivering these boxes to homeless shelters or to those living on the streets and served by street ministries.

If you would like to participate as a group or organization, please email Charles Plyler at Charles@homelessatheart.org or call us at 404-441-2630. We can supply you with a list of important steps to take in making your initiative a success!